Butterfly Crossing

Where flowers grow on the love & care of friendship


For Mojo


I am sending you this beautiful basket of roses
to brighten a dreary winter day. These roses symbolize my love for you, (always beautiful yet strong and protected by their thorny stems). Our love for one another is truly beautiful and I will always protect you and our love for one another as the thorns protect the rose.

Your loving husband,

Dear Mr Sam
  Thank you for being such a wonderful furrend!!
Elmer & Muffy

To Alfie

Thank you for being such a wonderful and great friend!!

Muffy and Elmer (and Mom Deb too)

 To Twix

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!!

Elmer (and Mom too)


For you, Dearest Elmer & Mom

Your friendship is so special to me. Thank you for always being a ray of sunshine in my life. I'm so glad to know you and to have you as my friend.

With Love,

~Twixy & Mom Rebecca


To My Sweet Darling Alfie

  Thank you so much for helping us in the group.  We are sending our purrs for any news about you and your safe return.  We miss you very much.  We know that where ever you are that all the kitties on the other side of the Bridge are looking out for you to keep you safe.
Eliza and Flower



 Flowers for Friends rare an Beautiful . 
Yellow Roses fer me wifey, 
Flowers fer All me Friends in TKC . 
Hugs n Purrs n Smiles ...  May 1st 09, Springtime is here ... 
Smiles, Alfie

All at TKC
Just to wish every purr a happy day ... sent with love 


To Wifey


From Alfie 

To all my beautiful friends in TKC.
I love you all so much!
Hugs & Purrs,


 For Alfie
Love me tender, love me sweet
Never let me go
You have made my life complete
And I love you so
Love me tender, love me true
All my dreams fulfill
For, my darling I love you
And I always will.
Love me tender, love me dear
Tell me you are mine
I'll be yours through all the years
'Till the end of time
Love me tender, love me true
All my dreams fulfill
For, my darling I love you
And I always will
Love me tender, love me true
All my dreams fulfill
For, my darling I love you
And I always will
Always will

Wifey and TKC group members
Thinking of yu All, Times is hard but my thoughts is wif yu ...
hugs n Purrs Alfie 

To Terry, Oreo and Family,
Please know you are in my thoughts & prayers during this sad time. I know your heart is hurting over dear Eve. I'm so sorry ..
 I use to believe everything happened for a reason. Maybe Evie's life was to open our eyes to all the things our little companions go through while in shelters. I know it has opened mine and inspired me to help in some way. Although Evie is no longer here with us on earth, I know she is in spirit. She has touched so MANY lives on Catster. She is truly special.
Love always, ~Rebecca & Twixy

Lyn & Alfie
You are so very missed Alfie. 
Thinking of you and your mom today with love and prayers.


For Hannah,
If I planted a flower for every time I thought of you, I would be walking in a field of flowers. I miss you dearly, my treasured friend
You all are very special to me. Please never change
For Eliza & Flower
Wishing you peace & happiness always
For Hobbes & Mom
Just was thinking of you today. Missing you.
You always make me feel so special
Loving purrs,
All of Our TKC Furrends
Happy Springtime to everyone and thank you for being such wonderful and caring furrends!!

We Love you!
Purrs, Elmer and Opie
Hi Twixy 
you are loved by us and we think of you all the time and we love you. 
Love Mommy and Hobbes  
All My TKC Friends
Friends are the flowers in the garden of life
For my sweet Tallulah, what a fighter you are I am so proud of you...you are a survivor and I cherish every day you are with me...

I love you so much my sweet kitty

For Tiggy on his birthday. I miss my birthday buddy..
Thinking of Cushag & Mum Beverly, too. We miss you all..
You'll always be in our hearts.
Love always,
~Twixy & Mom


 For Laurel, Aldo, Tess & Noelle

You will always remain in my thoughts & heart. Time will never change that.

Thinking of you today and always

With love,

~Twixybelle & Mom

To Wifey
Dis Rose dus  be wantin to share todays date wif us .Smiles,
A Beautiful Yellow Rose fer mine Beautiful Wifey.. 
Wif all mines Luv.. Alfie
Marge, Belle and Pepper
Silent Smiles can be heard in the Hearts of those who will listen to their Hearts Song. 
From Alfie
My dear Alfie, your heart's song is the beat my heart plays to...
I want you to know that you are the one who has shown me how to look at the world and all the beauty it holds ..to see the heart & soul in each flower petal and to stop for a moment to feel the warmth that comes from the sun; The same warmth I feel when I'm with you. You are the inspiration behind everything I do. I know time passes and memories fade, but my love will always remain yours; strong and true, lasting eternity through. 
Forever Yours,
Guess who? ..
For Patches
We still miss you, my abopted mother
From Tigger
For Ricky, Duffy and Butch and Jessie
Merry Christmas to my family at Rainbow Bridge we love you and miss you very much.
From Donna & Family
For Tallulah
Forever in my heart! I miss you and love you everyday.
My Sweet Tallulah angel in pink I remember you today and always this Rainbow Bridge Day! how I miss you and wish you were here, you left me too soon, but now you are my beautiful sweet guardian angel sending me butterflies...I send you bubbles this day to remember you and all of the angels at the Rainbow Bridge..
In my heart and memories! forever loved!
 Heather, I hope your hand will be ok asap..Thinking of you...and sending hugs and healing purrs.((hugs n Purrs )) Dear Tyson...I send you these pink roses with all my Angelpurr love.. I am with you always...Pink Purrs Roo and Lyn 

To TKC Family,
Me has missed yu all so much..Want to Smile wif yu all agen...Smiles..Alfie
Wifey...yu is mine everyfing..Me sendin yu de Yellow Roses filled wif luv n hugs an huge Smiles..Yu is always wif me ...an yu makes de bestest coffee wif addertives...Me dus luvs mine Wifey..even more dan chokky cakey..Smiles..Yu warms mine heart an is mine Sunshine. funny face...me luvs yu...funny face me needs yu...mine holed werld is rapped up in yu. Alfie

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A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. ~Donna Roberts


A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.  ~Grace Pulpit


A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.  ~Author Unknown