Butterfly Crossing

Where flowers grow on the love & care of friendship


 To everyone in TKC.

 Hugs, Lyn



Planted in honor of a very special kitty - Twixy. We love you!

To my TKC family. 
I feel so lucky to have all of you.
Thank you!



To Twixy & Rebecca
This is for you and to say thank you 




This is for all our TKC friends.  
We are glad we met you!  We love you all!
Annette, Salem and the furfamily + 1 



To Rachael & her ba-bez
Thank you for being my friend. 
May our friendship bloom to be as beautiful as these flowers.
Hugs to you and yours,
~Rebecca (& Twixy) 


To Rebecca

Just wanna say thanx for the lovely flowers, they are beautiful!

Thank you too for all your love n support over the week, my op week!

I will always be here/there for you and i hope we will always be friends

Loadsa love n hugs, Rachael and her furry ba-bez xoxox


All TKC friends
Flowers for each of you!


To Lyn & Alfie
 Sometimes in life,
 you find a special friend;

 Someone who changes your life
 just by being part of it.
 Someone who makes you laugh
 until you can't stop;
 Someone who makes you believe
that there really is good in the world.
 Someone who convinces you
 that there really is an unlocked door
 just waiting for you to open it.

 This is Forever Friendship.
Our friendship means the world to me, my dearest friend.
ftda, aafe, the very best,
~Rebecca (& Twixy)



To Laurel, Aldo, Tess & Noelle

To have known you and be called your friend, was truly a marvelous gift.

I will never forget the things you taught me, nor will I forget the times we had. I will go through my life remembering you and cherishing the friendship you gave me.

I miss you dearly, my dear friend, more than words can describe, but I know you are near. You are not gone, but living within the hearts you touched..and that's where I have you.


 Your friend forever,

~Rebecca & Twixybelle



Diane for Tweak
With love to two special members of our extended family.  
A rose by any other name ...
Judy and Dashy



To Rebecca
In honor of Rebecca and Twixy who have shared their friendship 
with so many.
  We will never forget either of you.
Judy, Dashiell and Lillian

 To Hannah and her Mom
Two wonderful friends, whose friendships are far more beautiful than any flower.
Thank you, my dear friend, for giving me such a gift.
Forever your friend,
~Rebecca & Twixy

To Cristina

A beautiful flower for a beautiful friend.



~Rebecca (& Twixy)



All in the TKC
Please every one help your self to a flower .. these are for you ... 
Heather and Tyson  


To Laura & Morticia 
Thank you for your kindest to me yesterday. 
I am glad we are friends.
 ~Rebecca (& Twixy) 


 To Lyn & Alfie
Even the flowers smile when you're around
~Rebecca & Twixy


Rebecca & Twixy
We're glad to be your friends, too ... and we DO understand ... 
if you ever need us, you know where to find us.  
  Love, Laura & Morticia 


All Kitties Club Members
Thanks for making us feel so welcome guys!

Laura & Da 'Ticia Girl




TKC Family
I dont need words to say Your all Blooming Marvelous.  
grins.. The Flowers say it for me. Hugs and Smiles.  Always. 



All at TKC 
Thank you for all that you have said to me .... 
that does a lot to help keep one smiling 






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A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails. ~Donna Roberts


A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.  ~Grace Pulpit


A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.  ~Author Unknown